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comercial land
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Tbilisi | Living zone 1
Date: 2023-05-01
In Mukhiani, 1.5 km from Akhmeteli metro station, in the area of a renovated square, near the central road, in a densely populated area, a land plot is for sale (C / K with the right to build (clearance taken). 3 basement floors with a terrace and 1 mezzanine are being built, with a total area of 750 sq.m. (without terrace) Currently, there is a 1storey building with an area of 235 sq.m. on the site. The building, which will have its own parking lot, can be used for the following activities: 1. Hypermarket 2. Catering facility 3. Pharmacy 4. Office 5. Supermarket, department store 6. Kindergarten + rest home 7. Hotel 8. Beauty salon and aesthetic center 9. Dental clinic 10. Medical clinic 11. Training center 12. Dance studio 13. Art circle 14. Atelier + showroom 15. Warehouse+shop+showroom+office 16. Gym (GYM) I will consider various offers. I am the owner

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